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Dayglow Media

Branding, website and stationery

Dayglow Media, makers of audio and visual material, asked Janet Dobson Design to design their branding, website and stationery. They wanted their brand to have a clean, crisp and modern feel to reflect the digital nature of their work. In addition it needed to have a 'nod' to the retro, Simon having worked in the media industry for 25 years. 

Dayglow Media website
“Janet Dobson Design provided a superb, professional, creative service; helping us build our brand image and take our website to the next level. We were very happy with their helpful and informative approach, which led to an excellent end product.”


Simon Barnett, Dayglow Media

The orange, green and blue lines from the 'd' graphic in the logo are used on the website and stationery designs, giving a dynamic and recognisable brand identity across screen and print media. This colourful branding adheres to Dayglow Media's ethos: "To get noticed you need to be colourful.".

Dayglow Media letterhead & business card
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